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Garden Furniture - Revive & Refresh!

by Jess Kelly | Jun 06, 2018

Image: Malaga 6 Seater Rattan Dining Set,

If you look at your garden furniture, the word “shabby” might spring to mind but no reason to dump it! It’s time to dust the cobwebs off your garden furniture whether it has been sitting in the garden or in your shed this past year. It will only take one morning or afternoon to transform from shabby to chic!

Wooden Furniture

We are all guilty of leaving our garden furniture outside all year around and what seemed like an endless Winter, it’s time to show our furniture some TLC this Summer.You’ll more than likely notice it’s weathered back to a silvery grey finish and faded up quite badly.

1. Use a stiff bristle brush to clean off any excess dirt & dust followed by a good soapy wash to clean it thoroughly. Rinse and dry it and finish by sanding down any badly weathered areas.

2. If want to simply keep it to it's original "look",  protect your wood by using a teak oil rubbing it in with an old rag or cloth. Ideally, try to do this process every season to keep your furniture looking fresh!

3. If you’d like  a complete makeover and would like to paint up your furniture, instead of using a teak oil – prime your garden furniture with once coat using a brush, working the prime in the same direction as the wood grain and allow to dry completely.

4. Once your primer is completely dry,  apply one coat of exterior paint with a brush and again, allow to dry. Apply another coat to get your desired colour if needs be.

Be as creative as you like with colours to suit your garden & home!

If your garden furniture has rotted to the point of no return, it  may be time to invest in a new set without breaking the bank here 

If you need tips & advice, there is a horticulturist in every CountryLife store, pop in and we’d be happy to help with all your garden queries!

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