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Garden Heatwave Survival 101

by Jess Kelly | Jun 29, 2018

There is no doubt this gorgeous weather has lifted our spirits after what was a very poor Spring however with our unexpected heatwave, we can expect drought conditions which will affect the garden oasis you've worked so hard to create. 

Keep your grass tall
It's very tempting to get your grass cut down when the weather is so fine, and being in Ireland, we never know what is around the corner. By keeping your grass tall (roughly a half an inch than normal), it will help keep moisture in the soil by shielding it from the sun. 

Shade your plants 
Plants get sunburn too but since you can't use suncream on your plants your next best bet is to move delicate plants out of direct sunlight and into the shade of bigger trees or areas of shade will automatically increase humidity and protect them. 

Do Not Fertilise 
During the Summer, fertiliser is your friend, however during a heatwave it's a different story. Plants tend to be more stressed and fall into survival mode. Plants are looking to be hydrated and do not need extra nutrients through fertilising. Hold off until the weather cools down before your next feeding. 

Bedding & Mulching 
Whether you've just planted a new bed or have an existing bed, adding mulch to your garden areas will help keep the soil moisture as it reduces water evaporation and also stops weeds - a win win!

Water in the morning & Water Smart
A heatwave can dry surface soil very quickly & cause shallow roots to dehydrate. It's natural to think to water plants & trees later in the day during hours of sunlight, however to benefit from their watering, it is best to water in the morning (and again later in the evening if possible) to prevent heat scald which can damage leaves and plants. As water acts like a magnifying glass in heat, it will end up burning your leaves.
Try not to water the leaves too much, as plants don't process water well through their leaves, in fact, it can leave a plant feeling more dehydrated if you water their leaves. 

Happy gardening & most of all, get out into your garden as much as possible over this stretch of warm weather.

If you need tips & advice, there is a horticulturist in every CountryLife store, pop in and we’d be happy to help with all your garden queries!