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Bold Splash of Late Summer Colour

by Jess Kelly | Jul 31, 2018

Although we're officially in August - don't say goodbye to the Summer just yet! 
Now is the time to start looking at late summer colour to freshen up your garden bringing you right into the Autumn months.

Our gardens have gotten a good drink of water the past couple of days, and with warm temperatures continuing, summer months extend as far as October.



Known as the "Lily of the Incas" or "Peruvian Lily", Alstromerias are free flowering producing stunning attractive flowers. Complementing other plants well, they are well suited for borders and are ideal for cut flowers.

Planting Tips!

Alstromerias make idea containers plants, ideally planted in full sun in rich fertile free draining soil. These beautiful plants are drought tolerant but remain watering during dry periods to continue flowering. 

Hydrangea Paniculata 

This panicled hydrangea, a cone large cone shaped blooms which are completely covered in tiny white flowers, this neat  shrub is a garden show stopper in both Summer and Autumn held upright on strong stems. As they age towards the end of the season, they flush a pale pink for vibrant autumnal colour. 

Planting Tips!
Mostly well suited to front of borders, the paniculata blooms well in part sun/part shade, keeping it well watered in a well-draining soil. They aren't fussy about soil pH as some hydrangeas once it's fertile, well-fed and slow to dry out. 

Crocosmia Constance

Bright and vibrant flowers with a buttercup yellow base, Crocosmia are really valuable for adding warm tones of red, orange and yellow to summer borders, flowering over a long period. They are one of the best perennials for the Summer-Autumn border. 

Planting Tips!
These beauties are relatively easy to grow and are quite hardy allowing them to manage in a variety of climates. They enjoy full sun and thrive in moisture retentive but well drained conditions allowing them survive right through to the winter months. 
Once cut, place them in lukewarm water with flower food to prolong life span.

Don't forget we have a horticulturist in every CountryLife store to assist you on all your gardening queries! 

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