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Gardeners Corner
Welcome to our Gardener’s Corner, here you will find all the gardening advice you need for each and every month of the year from our expert horticulturists. This section is packed with hints and tips. You will also find step by step instruction videos as well as our Gardening Blog where you can ask our horticulturist a question. This is a fun and friendly forum where you can come for help and advice or share some of you tips with us.
Plants, Flowers
Plants, Flowers
& Lawn Care



CountryLife Gardening Blog - for all the gardening advice you need.

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Expert Advice
in our Gardening Blog
Our new blog is designed to provide all of our customers with the best advice available in the selection, planting and maintenance of your garden. We will cover all topics that relate to new and existing Plants, Flowers and lawns to ensure that your garden will be the envy of your neighbours!